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"We in the Evans Group rely on Spartan for all our needs in computational molecular orbital theory... Spartan's high-quality graphics and ease-of-use have greatly facilitated our studies." More testimonials.

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Spartan Books

A Guide to Molecular Mechanics and Quantum Chemical Calculations
by: W.J. Hehre
Wavefunction, Inc., 2003
ISBN 1-890661-18-X
812 pages

Spartan Windows & Linux Tutorial and User's Guide
Wavefunction, Inc. 2001
398 pages

Spartan'04 Macintosh
Tutorial and User's Guide
Wavefunction, Inc., 2001
238 pages
ISBN 1-890661-20-1

A Laboratory Book of Computational Organic Chemistry
by: W.J. Hehre, A.J. Shusterman, and W.W. Huang
Wavefunction, Inc., 1996
ISBN 0-9643495-5-8
310 pages

The Molecular Modeling Workbook for Organic Chemistry (Full Color)
by: W.J. Hehre, A.J. Shusterman, J.E. Nelson
Wavefunction, Inc., 1998
ISBN 1-890661-06-6
322 pages

Organic Chemistry, 7th Edition
Francis A Carey, Univ of VA-Charlottesville
ISBN-13 9780073311845

Organic Chemistry, 2nd Edition
Janice Gorzynski Smith, Univ of Hawaii-Manoa
ISBN-13 9780073327495
322 pages

Organic Chemistry and CW+ GradeTracker Access Card Package, 6/E
Leroy G. Wade, JR., Whitman College
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN-10: 0131699571
ISBN-13: 9780131699571

Organic Chemistry, 5/E
Paula Y. Bruice
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN-10: 0131963163
ISBN-13: 9780131963160

Text & Learning Software Combinations

The following are text book-educational Spartan versions geared towards undergraduate-foundation year studies. To enquire about pricing of these text book-software packages please Contact us.

Spartan Physical Chemistry Wavefunction, Inc., 2005
158 pages
ISBN 1-890661-31-7

Physical Chemistry
Thomas Engel, Philip Reid, University of Washington
ISBN-10: 080533842X
ISBN-13: 9780805338423