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"We in the Evans Group rely on Spartan for all our needs in computational molecular orbital theory... Spartan's high-quality graphics and ease-of-use have greatly facilitated our studies." Professor Dave Evans, Harvard University

"Spartan is the best molecular modeling program available for both teaching and research. Everyone should try this program." Mary Boyd, Loyola University of Chicago

"Spartan's graphical interface and ease-of-use allowed us to cover much more material last semester than had been possible in the past." Dewitt Coffey, San Diego State University

"Using Spartan is as much a part of my everyday routine as using a piece of chalk or my word processor. It's how I do chemistry now." Alan Shusterman, Reed College

"We use Spartan at several levels in our curriculum including General Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Research. Our General Chemistry students like it because they can not only calculate parameters and see structures in 3D but the interactive software is extremely user friendly. Our physical chemistry students use in for everything from protein folding to studying different types of carbon nanotubes. We’ve published some research papers using Spartan also, including one with a group from Sunderland (UK). Perhaps its versatility is best illustrated in a collaboration we undertook with students and faculty in Havana, Cuba. Despite the difficulties imposed by the embargo, we developed an open source English/Spanish lab manual that focused on two universal software packages; spreadsheets and molecular modeling (Spartan)." http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dgnjg7vc_3hrvjshgb Dr. Thomas Manning, Valdosta State University – current customer of Spartan’08 and Spartan Student

"I've had a great time with the evaluation copy, your interface really spoils the user, everything else feels klutzy :-)" Dr. Lucan Turin – MIT, current customer of Spartan’08

"I use Spartan in my physical chemistry laboratory to introduce students to modern computational chemistry. I use Spartan in my research group as well. All of the methods needed are available, and easy to use." George Shields, Lake Forest University

"Spartan adds an entire new dimension to teaching quantum and computational chemistry." Michal Sabat, University of Virginia

"Spartan is becoming an important part of our undergraduate teaching program. Students master the program quickly and are fascinated by the graphical representations of the results." Scott Gronert, San Francisco State University

"Spartan is a powerful and easy to use software package. In instruction and research, it has proven to be an exciting new addition to our program." Bradford Mundy and Tom Shattuck, Colby College

"I have found Spartan to be an extremely effective teaching tool. The molecule builder is a thing of beauty, economy, and ease of use. I have seen undergraduates grasp it well enough to build complex molecules in a matter of minutes. Spartan sparks enthusiasm for quantum chemistry. . ." Robert Topper, Monmouth University

"Spartan should be in every chemistry department in the country." Richard Johnson, University of New Hampshire

"Spartan is wonderful! Thanks so much for making it available." Earle Hoyt, Northern Arizona University

"A marvelous, easy-to-use program. Spartan has become an indispensable tool in our molecular research." Kenneth Hedberg, Oregon State University

"I have been using computational chemistry as a research tool for nearly 20 years, and I find Spartan to make the process practically painless! Its graphical interface makes it a powerful teaching tool as well." Steven K. Pollack, Howard University

"Spartan offers virtually unlimited opportunities to incorporate visual images of molecules and associated electronic properties into courses ranging from general chemistry to biochemistry and beyond." Jack Crump, Albion College

"Spartan is an integrated molecular mechanics, semi-empirical and ab initio package with superb graphics, and that makes it great. . .Spartan is a teaching tool of extraordinary power and a research instrument to be reckoned with." Errol Lewars, Trent University

"Spartan is an exceptionally friendly and valuable tool in both education and research. . . In our opinion... a quality product at a quality price." Charles Kraihanzel, Lehigh University

"Spartan has a broader range of computational methods and visualization tools than any other program available." Phil Bays, St. Mary's University

"Our students and faculty use Spartan for both teaching and research. We love it." Bill Herndon, University of Texas, El Paso

"Spartan's graphics are a superb instructional tool. Students at all levels can benefit from these representations.: Patrick Wegner, California State University, Fullerton

"Wavefunction, Inc. has done something very special. It has managed, through Spartan, to bring computational chemistry to the undergraduate curriculum in an extremely effective and efficient form." David Ledlie, Bates College

"If the Spartan developers. . . are as successful with their projected new directions as they have been with their current product, Spartan will continue to be the best single software package available to computational chemists." Tom DuBois, University of North Carolina, Charlotte