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"Odyssey models are compelling: every movement is calculated and rendered on screen. It's mind-blowing cutting-edge stuff."

Designed for Foundation Year and Undergraduate Study

Odyssey provides a useful bridge between A-level and University study. Getting students on-track faster and improving retention.

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Odyssey includes a series of 6 experiments on the structure and energetics of solutions.

Miscible and Non Miscible Liquids


Molarity and Molality

Explains molarity and molality.

Miscible and Non-Miscible Liquids

Miscible and Non-Miscible Liquids. Explaining why.

The Energy of Solutions

Explains the energy involved in the formation of solutions.

The Structure of Solutions

Investigates the structure of solutions using salt dissolving in water as an example.

Hydration Energy and Ionic Size

Explains the ionic size dependence of the solvation energy of a salt via an interactive experiment.

Hydration Energy and Ionic Charge

Explains the charge dependence of the solvation energy.