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"Odyssey models are compelling: every movement is calculated and rendered on screen. It's mind-blowing cutting-edge stuff."

Designed for Foundation Year and Undergraduate Study

Odyssey provides a useful bridge between A-level and University study. Getting students on-track faster and improving retention.

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Bonding & Structure

Odysseys Atomic Molecular Modelling Kit is an intuitive 3D molecular modelling package. Students can learn atomic structure through building molecules in guided interactive tutorials.

Odyssey includes a series of 9 experiments on bonding and structure:

Covalent Bonding experiment


The Energetics of Ionic Bond Formation

Investigates the energy involved in ionic bond formation between, typically, metals and non metals.

Ionic Compounds

Illustrates how ionic crystals can be formed from their contributing elements in their standard states.

Covalent Bonding

Covalent bonding - analysing the relation between separation and bond strength

Bond Polarity

Shows the electronegativity differences on the type of bonding present in molecules.


Examines resonance in Lewis structures.

Lone Pairs

Illustrates lone pairs as electron pairs that do not participate in bonding.

VSEPR Theory

Describes VSEPR Theory paying attention to the electron pair repulsion theory in the prediction of molecular theory.

Molecular Shapes

The molecular shape of molecules showing how bonding and free electrons can affect it.

Dipole Moments

Illustrates dipole moments as the distribution of charge in a molecule.