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"Odyssey models are compelling: every movement is calculated and rendered on screen. It's mind-blowing cutting-edge stuff."

Designed for Foundation Year and Undergraduate Study

Odyssey provides a useful bridge between A-level and University study. Getting students on-track faster and improving retention.

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Odyssey includes a series of 6 experiments on biochemistry which covers:

Proteins experiment


Amino Acids

Introduces amino acids as the fundamental building block of proteins and as core participants in metabolic processes.


Illustrates peptides as the product of bonding of various amino acids.


Examines proteins as large polypeptides with unique structures.


Demonstrtates carbohydrates as multifunctional alcohols with one carbonyl group.


Explores nucleotides as the building blocks for nucleic acids.


Looks at DNA as one of the most famous and most recognizable molecule in history.