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"Odyssey models are compelling: every movement is calculated and rendered on screen. It's mind-blowing cutting-edge stuff."

Designed for Foundation Year and Undergraduate Study

Odyssey provides a useful bridge between A-level and University study. Getting students on-track faster and improving retention.

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Atoms & Molecules

Odyssey includes a series of 5 experiments on atomic structure:

Atomic Structure experiment


The Electron Distribution of Atoms

Illustrates how electrons form around nuclei of various elements.

Atomic Orbitals

Introduces atomic orbitals in relation to the "atomic structure" of the atom, i.e., the way the electrons are distributed.

d - Orbitals

Illustrates how electrons occupy the d subshell (sublevel).

Ionic Radii

Shows the difference in size between atoms and ions due to the number of electrons orbiting the nuclei.

Isoelectronic Ions

Describes Isoelectronic ions as ions with the same number of electrons but a different nuclear charge and investigates the reasons behind this.