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"Odyssey models are compelling: every movement is calculated and rendered on screen. It's mind-blowing cutting-edge stuff."

Designed for Foundation Year and Undergraduate Study

Odyssey provides a useful bridge between A-level and University study. Getting students on track faster and improving retention.

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Gallery of screenshots

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Odyssey College Chemistry will rapidly get your new undergraduate chemists up to speed. See the video below:

Odyssey from Wavefunction Inc

Odyssey is a new undergraduate educational program that bridges the knowledge gap between A'level studies and the early years of undergraduate study. To do this it combines the cutting-edge computational chemistry of Wavefunction's Spartan into an interactive chemistry course that benefits foundation year and first year undergraduate students.

Key Benefits of Odyssey:

  • Provides a solid grounding in many difficult undergraduate chemistry concepts
  • Offers learning support for weaker students - improving student retention
  • Provides scientifically sound chemistry e-learning and an introduction to computational chemistry.
  • Introduces molecular modelling and computational chemistry techniques via a scientifically sound and affordable resource.
  • The 150 interactive tutorials tutorials and interactive assignments are a valuable resource for independent study
  • Odyssey's library of 1000+ 3D molecular systems provides a valuable resource for reference and demonstration visuals
  • Odyssey is a powerful physical chemistry simulator which provides a unique insight into the behaviour of molecules, solids, liquids and gases

Cutting Edge Learning

Odyssey combines stunning real-time 3D graphics and interactivity with structured guidance text and assignments to provide a unique learning resource for foundation year and undergraduate chemistry. Here we see a 3D system showing the non-miscible mix of Octanol and Water. The hydrogen bonds can be seen in yellow.

Remember that Odyssey models vibrate and collide in realistic motion. Parameters, such as temperature, can be altered and plots and speed/energy distributions plotted.